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The Tretiak School of Goaltending Is in Riga Again

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From 15 to 23 June, already for the tenth time, classes of the Vladislav Tretiak and Sergey Naumov International School of Goaltending will be held in Riga.

During these years, dozens of trainees of the School have achieved success in their sporting careers, many have gone on to join top class teams and represent their nations or are hot prospects for the future.

From the very start of the School in Riga, it has been supported by Rietumu Bank.

This year 40 young goaltenders arrive to the capital city of Latvia – from both the countries where ice hockey is traditionally strong and the countries where this sport is only developing, including from Finland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Spain. As always, Latvian athletes will also be attending the School.

The young goaltenders will have trainings conducted by the legend of the world ice hockey Vladislav Tretiak. Among other trainers, there will be Latvian ice hockey masters Andrejs Zhagars and Sergey Naumov. Let us note that this year Naumov trained athletes from the CSKA Club, which came first in the KHL tournament and won the prestigious Gagarin Cup.

This time, the training and pedagogical staff of the school will be further strengthened by the invited specialists. There will be ex-goaltender of the Russian national team Yegor Podomatsky, who already conducted classes at the School earlier, and an experienced trainer from the Czech Republic.
“We always have a very intensive programme of trainings, and we have mapped out days virtually to the last five-minute increment. Nevertheless, we work with the guys personally, to be able to show and explain everything precisely, with details and subtleties, correct mistakes, give advice and reply to questions. This is extremely important for the guys, as when you have an experienced athlete and a professional trainer nearby, from whom you learn fast, being quick to grasp, the progress becomes noticeable at once. The Tretiak School really is a unique phenomenon for the entire Europe, and not only. It is a pity, but we have to limit the number of places at the school, and we always close the enrolment very early,” said the School trainer Andrejs Zhagars.

The programme of trainings traditionally includes daily classes on the ice and on the ground, as well as a trip to the sea, to Jurmala, where the guys train in the open air and then relax together.

“We always have a very positive and friendly atmosphere. As every athlete knows, a good team spirit is of no less importance than professional skills. Therefore, we deliberately pay very special attention to this and, luckily, successfully. In order to reach success, a little bit of luck is required, and it comes when you are in good mental shape. Persistence, hard work and rest are the most important things,” said Andrejs Zhagars.

More about the School and schedule of classes can be found here.
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