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New Edition of the Rietumu Guide Has Been Issued

Rietumu Bank has issued a new edition of its own guidebook to Riga, Jurmala and the entire of Latvia - Rietumu Guide.

This is already the seventh edition of the Guide. During these years, the Guide, which was initially created for foreign clients of Rietumu Bank, in order to help them spend time in Latvia in an interesting way, comfortably and usefully, has considerably expanded and grown.

As the Chairman of the Board of Rietumu Bank Rolf Fuls said, addressing readers of the Guide: “First and utmost, Rietumu is a bank, one of the largest and well-known private banks in the Baltic States. We serve companies and wealthy individuals from various countries, attracting them primarily with our service and our personal style of customer relations. It was for our clients, when ten years ago we made this original guide so that they could get acquainted with our country, its traditions, culture and nature, as well as to get the opportunity to enjoy their journey and fall in love with Latvia for a long time”.

Today the Rietumu Guide is an extensive guidebook, with a fully original content, the entire information of which is thoroughly selected and checked.

In the current issue, the readers will find a number of new sections and parts - these are new routes around Latvia and its capital Riga, an insight into Latvian cuisine, information about art auction houses, data about the restored high society balls, the biggest musical and theatrical festivals and many other things.

The ‘business part’ of the Guide has also been considerably expanded - it will be of use to those who have arrived to our country for a business visit, and to those who plan to stay here for a long time.

The Guide also includes sections about Rietumu Bank and a number of its services. The Charity Fund section provides information about the support projects, events and places where Rietumu Bank has provided help.

As always, information about the best hotels, restaurants, spas and other places of rest and recreation is presented. There you will also find a data on discounts provided to holders of Rietumu credit cards by the bank’s partners.

The Rietumu Guide is distributed for free. The bank’s clients can obtain it in the office of Rietumu Bank and from their personal managers. A new issue of the Guide will also appear soon in the best restaurants, hotels and other places of recreation in Riga and Jurmala.

Besides, anyone interested may use the mobile version of the guidebook -
in English – http://guide.rietumu.ru/en/
and in Russian – http://guide.rietumu.ru/ru/

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