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‘Golden Standard’ in Rietumu Bank’s Gallery

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The Golden Standard exhibition has opened in Rietumu Bank’s Gallery, where one can see works of both classics of Latvian painting and modern artists, cooperating with the Happy Art Museum Gallery.

The idea of opening such an exhibition originated in the Riga Gallery Happy Art Museum, whose authors have already exhibited their works in Rietumu.

Being established in 2009, Happy Art Museum unites a whole range of like-minded extraordinary artists and also cooperates with other interesting artists from Latvia and other countries.

This time, for the exhibition, the gallery experts have selected paintings of recognised classics who represent the ‘golden standard’ of Latvian painting, including Dzemma Skulme. In addition to these, the spectators will be able to see and evaluate the latest works of our contemporary artists – Dags Vidulejs, Zigmunds Biels, Gustavs Filipsons, Aleksandrs Makarenko, Gundega Duduma.

Besides, works of foreign friends of the gallery are presented in the exposition - photos of the well-known master Giordano Morganti from Milano, a ‘stream of subconscious expression’ from the Israeli artist Ruven Schetzen, the photorealistic painting of Moscow muralists – Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf and Ivan Korshunov, bright colours of paintings by Elena Panknin.

For the first time, works of students from Vadim Vernik Mosaic Art Studio, which has been successfully cooperating with Happy Art Museum for a number of years, will be presented to the public – unique replica of masterpieces of world painting, made of Italian smalt, gold and rare gems.

According to the exhibition curators from Happy Art Museum, “At all times, art has been an enduring value, concentrating the experience of human thought, creativity, richness and diversity of artistic heritage.”

Come and see for yourself!

The exhibition will be open until 21 February.

Rietumu Bank’s Gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

Admission is free.

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